Download 4000 Free Microsoft Points codes – updated daily and tested working!

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Free Microsoft Points codes available at this website. They will add 4000 points to your Xbox Live account!


Free Microsoft Points can be downloaded from our secure download page by clicking on the link below, we ALSO offer 1 year Free Xbox Live Gold Codes:

free microsoft points


Free Microsoft Points


Our video:


Where do you get the Microsoft Points from?

We get them using a private hack-program our developers created. It will use an exploit to access Microsoft’s server, then track their files containing working codes.


Do they all work?

Yes, the codes come from their official server.Our generator is totally hidden, and they won’t even know you haven’t paid for the code.

We guarantee if you download from us, every code will be valid. We only upload WORLDWIDE points to our download page, so your location doesn’t even matter.


What if my code gets downloaded by someone else?

Our program uploads 100′s of points everyday to our download server. Our server will update each second to check if a file/code has been downloaded, and automatically update to the next file in queue. So don’t worry, it is yours only!


Why don’t you charge money?

We’re a relative new company, so in order to get our business started, we’re sharing them at no cost, with an aim to become one of the most trusted and respected websites.

On our download page you will see some Facebook steps we kindly ask you to complete, this is to make our website more popular and known by the people.

When we reached our goal, we plan to sell our private generator, and develop new programs like it.


Read more about our free Microsoft Points:

This currency is used by players on Xbox Live. Silver and Gold members use them to acquire accessories to enhance their gaming experience.
The Marketplace is open to players all over the world that are connected. Unlike with the original system which generally required users to make transactions with credits that totaled five dollars or more, this new currency allow users to make smaller transactions.
Players can purchase such items as maps, levels, demos, rent movies, or buy television shows at the Xbox Live Marketplace.


Free Microsoft Points codes

Legitimate Ways to Earn These Freebies

There are several ways that you can do this. By going to Bing, you will not be required to provide any credit card or banking information. Simply sign in using your account and choose the “sign into rewards” button.
Your account will initially be credited with 250 points
You then have the option of earning additional credits throughout the day.
You will earn points by searching the web using Bing and earning credits for it.

Their system works by registering your Gamer tag. You will earn them easily by doing  such actions as renewing your Gold subscription, making your first Marketplace purchase, or using Netflix.
When you have accrued 100 MSP in rewards, these are credited to your account, generally by the 15th of the next month.
This method is not a super fast way to accumulate them, but you will benefit from it over time. What I recommend is to save the trouble and download 4000 points from our server, which is so much faster.


free Microsoft Points

Beware of the scammers

There are also several YouTube videos on the internet that claims to have a Microsoft Points Generator, while legit ones exists, the YouTube videos with MEDIAFIRE links, have proven to be scams that actually contain viruses that are capable of hacking into your account.
A good way to avoid scammers/viruses is to check for SURVEY download sites (our HOMEPAGE), while surveys can be annoying to fill, their necessary to prove identity and avoid viruses/hackers.
The only legitimate way to earn them seems to involve taking surveys or search rewards type programs as mentioned above.


So what are you waiting for?

start to enhance your gaming experience and earn items you really want.
Start now by visiting our download page and enjoy gaming!

free microsoft points


Free Microsoft Points for Game Enthusiasts

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Microsoft points are the preferred currency to use in Xbox Live and other Windows game apps online

free Microsoft points

The points are the most convenient way to enjoy games without the use of credit card. The downloadable games on Xbox Live Marketplace are actually free but the full versions like arcade and content usually require the use of Microsoft points to be fully enjoyed. For the ultimate thrill of your gaming experience my website offer free Microsoft points each time you complete a survey. If you are the type of gamer that burns points faster than fuel and want to save dollars on purchasing cards, then you came to the right place.


As long as you complete the survey and tasks required you can avail of the free Microsoft points from our website

You are assured of having new codes generated only for you and exclusively coming from our trusted database with a no fail proof and chances of having duplication on codes already redeemed. Our database automatically deletes a code used every time a visitor downloads a text document detailing the text codes they received. This assures you that you get new codes each time you download. The only time duplicate codes accidentally happen is when there is a great amount of users wanting to download and redeem their free Microsoft points causing our system to work double time and not function properly. This usually happens when there are online giveaways, promotional gimmicks that everyone wants to avail. It does not mean that our system is weak; it just can’t accommodate everything at the same time because of the massive number of gamers wanting to participate.
Microsoft points

To get hold of our unique codes you need to accomplish our survey form with just a few simple clicks. After you have completed the necessary tasks you will be granted access to an instructional video where you can have the option to choose the denomination of the free Microsoft points suited to your gaming needs. The cards come in varying denominations ranging from 400,800, up to 4000 all subject to their availability on a certain period of time. Choose the amount you need by clicking the small button under each card denomination. Upon clicking the button it will redirect you to a page that is full of free Microsoft points codes in the amount that you selected. Below each shown card, a message will appear indicating if the card is still available or has already been used by another visitor. Look for one that says “card available” click it and another box will appear beside it. This box enumerates the list of available offers for your country. To be able to get hold of your freebies you are required to complete just one of the short offers listed. Unlike other sites our one page long surveys only takes 5 minutes to get done and accomplish. All it needs is your e-mail, zip code and the right answer to the question and you’re done. It really is that simple. After completion of this short survey your text document that contains the codes will begin downloading your free Microsoft points which you can immediately use to enjoy your Xbox Live gaming pleasure.

Free Microsoft Points Generator for Gamers: Where and How to Get Them

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The influence of the Internet has profoundly changed how people spend their leisure time or play time.

If you will notice a few years back, board or street games are the stuff that people from any ages enjoy doing. And when computers soar, and the Internet was introduced, the games that were enjoyed before can be played on the computer with an internet connection.

Not just that, there are also lots of games that people can enjoy which are engaging and full of action. Anyone can choose to play the game they want whenever, and wherever they are since some of these games are free. On the other hand, if you want to play something new, then choosing to pay is recommended as well.

Microsoft points generator

What Are Microsoft Points?

Microsoft points are what people need to enjoy the games offered by Xbox fully. However, their not officially offered without a cost, but there is a free Microsoft points generator so you won’t be spending any penny to acquire them. By collecting these points, you are going to enjoy these benefits:

• You will be able to have Xbox live points and do everything you want with it.
• You can buy video games you like, Gamertag photos, motifs, Xbox titles and many more.

See, all of these things can be achieved once you get to have the required currency. What’s exciting about it is that they are all for free.

What Are the Factors to Remember When Looking for Microsoft Points?

Getting what you have been wanting so long for free is like winning the lottery prize already. So, if you are a fan and would want to try everything to get those essential points you need, then go to our download page.

• You have to be extremely careful in choosing the websites where you get these codes to ensure that you won’t be in trouble. As you know, there are lots of websites that take advantage of these cases, and for you to fall on their bait.
Therefore it is vital that you do not enter any information regarding your credit cards or bank accounts since you will not need these things when you are getting a free item on anything.

free microsoft points generator

Be very careful if they ask you for an username and password for your bank, PayPal, eBay or whatever. Some surveys require your phone number, this is however completely safe and is just a verification step, even Google, YouTube and Facebook require phone verification.

• The Internet is an extremely wide source of information, and you won’t surely know who and what to trust. So, it is better if you read reviews to make sure that what you are joining or signing up is relevant and has no scam issues noted.

By getting the right free Microsoft points generator, you will be able to enjoy your favorite games and download a complete version of them like Call of Duty, Halo 3 and many more. You can also choose from the most downloaded section for the games that you like. See, with the right sources and the right information, you will surely get what you want safely and securely.

free microsoft points


Why free Microsoft points is available

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Keeping your customers is a key concern of every Business Company and even business persons.

At the same time increase in the number of the customers means lots of profit to the company.
Microsoft Corporation is not left out. It has established some strategy to keep their daily customers smiling and yearning for their products; the Free Microsoft points.

free microsoft points

This currency may be said to be the coin of Xbox Live market

 Whether it is Online music, video store or Windows Live gallery games for the windows marketplace they allow the users to purchase online content without having to provide a credit.
At the same time they reduce credit transaction fees that would be deducted in case a card is used several times.

The Microsoft points, is a universal system and available across borders even to the users who do not have cards.
In simpler words free Microsoft points (more info) are compared to putting money in a specialized account available in the Xbox live Marketplace.

There are easy ways gathering them.

Key among them include: One can purchase a card from an online retailer or a video game and then entering the code to redeem them.
In another way one can also purchase Microsoft points from their console dashboards or on the website using their card.
It is also important to note that the Microsoft points are often awarded to sweepstake winners as well as participants in the Microsoft promotions with the most popular being the Summer of Arcade.

xbox fun

First there are two kinds of membership: Free membership and Golden membership.

The points allow everyone a member in Xbox Live to pick up any content that will enhance their experience in entertainment.
There is an open marketplace for everyone.
Some of things you can get from your accumulated codes could include: renting or buying TV shows or even full movies from Zune Video, add pack of your favorite games through extra maps, more missions, levels etc.

In addition, one will be able to download Arcade and Indie games to their console and full Xbox 360 games from games on demand and play them in minutes after downloads.
There are differences in the number of codes one gathers from one region to another.

Microsoft Points giveaway

The factors that determine the number of the points you accumulate on each purchase may be based on the strength of your currency.
Some regions may be charged more for the same number of cards than in other regions mainly due to currency differences or fluctuations.
In other countries like in the European Union and Canada, they have to pay a value added tax.

Of late there has been a noticeable change especially on how the points are being accumulated.
With the introduction of windows 8 which is supporting real-life currency which by default pays for the content received from the Xbox Video store without exclusively relying on the Microsoft Points.
This has seen the Company abandon their first virtual currency system in favor of Xbox live.

free microsoft points